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Ambassador Program

This program allows our customers to get FREE products & make up to 20% on each item they sell!

How The Ambassador Program Works:

  • Ambassadors will be assigned a personalized “Discount Code”.
  • The Discount Code can be shared on social media platforms, with personal training clients, friends, family, etc.
  • At checkout, the customer will enter the Discount Code in the “Coupon Box” & save an instant 10% Off their entire purchase.
  • The Ambassador will receive up to 20% on the entire purchase.

By using the Ambassadors Personalized Code, we’re able to easily track all monthly sells.  At the end of each calendar month, we total the number of sells accumulated by the Ambassador.  We then send FREE product & earnings the first week of the following month.

Ambassadors will receive 10% on each product sold regardless if the numbers are met.  As your customer base increases, you’ll then move into the 15% & 20% brackets.  Keep in mind, you can reach 20% your first month by meeting the required numbers.  Your monthly percentage bracket will be based on the total number of units sold for that particular month.


Ambassador Pay Scale:

We wanted to make the Ambassador Pay Scales somewhat easy to keep Ambassador moral high!

Sales required to receive FREE product:

  • Sell (5) Units of L-Y2 Day Formula each month & receive a FREE L-Y2 Day Formula
  • Sell (5) Units of L-Y2 Night Formula each month & receive a FREE L-Y2 Night Formula
  • Sell (5) Units of our Thermogenic Fat Burner each month & receive a FREE Thermogenic Fat Burner

Earnings based on percent bracket & total units sold:

  • Earn 10% for selling 1-7 units each month
  • Earn 15% for selling 8-9 units each month
  • Earn 20% for selling 10+ units each month


The Customers You Bring, Are Yours To Keep!

As long as customers continue using your personalized code, YOU RECEIVE THE SALE!  You did the work to get the customer to our website and we believe you should continue to have that same customer count towards your monthly numbers when they return to make a purchase!

We wanted to make this program easy & motivating!  You simply direct the people you know to McCall Fitness and we do the rest.  Ambassadors don’t have to worry about shipping product, keeping track of sales or handling customer service.  Yes, you basically have your own store without the hassles & upkeep!


We hope your interest grows and you become a team member of McCall Fitness.  In the near future, we’ll be launching the Core Bench and Ambassadors will be eligible to receive very strong earnings on this amazing piece of fitness equipment.

God Bless,

T.J. & Christi McCall