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Core Bench Videos & Images

The Workout Bench With Greater Functionality

We build unique resistance equipment that is thoughtfully designed and impeccably manufactured. At McCall Fitness Industries, our product innovations are fueled by our desire to provide our customers and fitness enthusiasts with the tools that they need to help them transform their bodies and their lives.

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At McCall Fitness Industries, our product innovations are fueled by our desire to provide our customers and fitness enthusiasts with the tools that they need to help them transform their bodies and their lives. Our exceptionally engineered design and human factors testing have played an important role in bringing all of our products to life — especially The Core Bench.

Our inspiration comes from knowing that we can help facilitate the unlocking of powerful physical potential for all those who may use our products to transform their bodies and their lives.

Design with Purpose

What can you accomplish today, this week, this month, or this year and beyond? Regardless of your personal goals, we can help you build a better, healthier, and stronger you. As a result of our commitment to our mission, we paid attention to every detail in the design and construction process. Now you can enjoy the benefit of our diligence and dedication, and know that our products are always reliable and effective.

Product Innovation

McCall Fitness Industries’ innovation begins with years of extensive experience with kinesiology. We know how the human body functions and what it requires to build more muscle, burn more fat, and develop a stronger you. From the moment we begin sketching ideas until the time our products leave the warehouse. We are constantly evaluating and assessing different ways to improve our products. We have discovered that this approach is essential for developing the best resistance exercise equipment in the industry.


Brilliant product design eloquently creates an opportunity to improve your personal fitness. We have combined pleasing features with the most exacting and robust engineering to craft this seamless state-of-the-art piece of luxury gym equipment — The Core Bench. We’ve designed what you need to become who you want to be.

Human Factors

McCall Fitness is pushing the boundaries of fitness equipment. The Core Bench surpasses expectations and delivers results. It affords the best opportunities to strengthen bodies and transform lives. The kinetic movement of the human body, as well as the constant insightful feedback, have helped to create The Core Bench.


McCall Fitness Industries manufactures only the highest quality gym and fitness equipment. Our engineers, fitness professionals, and manufacturing specialists have executed exhaustive checks, quality controls, and design inspections in order for our clients the have most advanced exercise equipment available today.

Comprehensive and Versatile

There is nothing else like it. It is absolutely amazing. The Core Bench has the capability to transform into 12 different pieces of gym-quality fitness equipment. The Core Bench’s unique design provides over 65 different exercises. Included, but not limited to are…

•  Flat Bench

•  Incline Bench

•  Decline Bench

•  Military Press

•  180 degree Leg Lifts

•  Bar Dip

•  45-degree Oblique and Back Extension

•  Preacher Curl

•  Bent Leg Abdominal Board

•  Calf Raise

• Leg Curl

•  Leg Extension … and more, much more.