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All-In-One Customized Formulas

Higher dosages of key ingredients ensure faster results and immediate physical transformations!

What's All The Hype About?

Our 24hr Nutritional System


Why spend your hard earned money buying one-dimensional health supplements that only serve one purpose or benefit?  We offer an incredible All-In-One Supplement System that removes the guesswork, provides complete transparency & has the highest ingredient content on the current market!

Elevate Your Training

What's your goal; to hit extra reps in the gym, shave time off your run, level up in a group exercise or recover faster from your training?  By simply adding our L-Y2 Nutritional System to your routine, you can expedite this process and reach your goal faster!  We've included patented ingredients such as PeakO₂, which boosts both power & endurance to our already incredible lineup of ingredients!  Our L-Y2 Day & Night Formulas provide the highest milligram count per serving on the current market with OVER 41,000 mgs!!!

Quit Wasting Your Money!

We're fairly certain you're sick & tired of burning your hard-earned money on over-priced, ineffective supplements that are loaded with artificial ingredients & fillers and fail to deliver!

Through our extensive research, we recognized the need to develop a Nutritional System that didn't cut corners, while at the same time providing the customer with an effective, properly dosed product to assist in helping them reach their desired fitness goals faster.  Our focus is on providing the highest quality of pure sourced amino acids with ZERO artificial ingredients or fillers.  And get this... OUR PRODUCTS ACTUALLY DELIVER!