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General Health

Through our research & development we created a Nutritional System to target "overall health", so our customers can live a healthy active life regardless if you're an avid gym enthusiast, weekend warrior or someone just wanting to feel better throughout the day.

Want To Feel Your Best?

Our 24hr Nutritional System

Why Choose Us?

Many people believe in order to use health supplements, you have to workout regularly & consistently.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE!  Of course an exercise routine will help expedite results, but the truth is there's much more to the wellness of our body's than sculpted muscle tone or having a six-pac.  

One of our main goals when creating our amazing product line, was to develop formulas that could exceed the demands of the masses.  We didn't want to narrow our customer base to only athletes & fitness enthusiasts.  We knew there was a lager portion of people feeling left out, who's wanting to better their overall health, without having to buy 10 different "one dimensional" products to facilitate improved health.

Through our research we created an All-In-One Supplement System that serves more than one purpose (weight loss, improved mental focus, better sleep, etc) or one targeted health benefit (reduction in blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol, etc).  We wanted a system that was easy for the customer to use and could quickly be taken on the go.

We take pride in being one of the few supplement companies that believe in total transparency.  No Proprietary Blends, No Artificial Ingredients & No Filler!  We're in your corner and want to be an intercal part of your journey to better health.


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More Energy?

Our L-Y2 Day Formula contains optimal amounts of key ingredients, including the latest technology in Nitric Oxide (NO) production with PeakO2™.  We also use the highly effective amino acids Arginine AKG & Agmatine Sulfate to help assist with oxygen & nutrient delivery throughout the body.  You’ll notice bursts of energy from the maca root, green tea extract & the complexed caffeine compounds.  The isomalutose will help sustain your energy and prevent the “crashing” effect. 

Lose A Couple Extra Pounds?

Our Mid-Day Thermogenic Fat Burner is scientifically formulated using 3 patented ingredients to boost your metabolism, so you can shed unwanted body fat & excess water.  Our Thermogenic Fat Burner also helps improve muscle definition, sharpen mental focus and increases energy levels to intensify your workouts & expedite your results!

Better Sleep?

Our L-Y2 Night Formula is a specialized Melatonin & ZMA blend, that was scientifically developed to aide in deep REM sleep patterns, expedite muscle recovery, reduce aches & pains and sharpen cognitive skills.  L-Y2 goes to work to while you’re sleeping to help fight the aging process, while assisting with proper digestion & gut health.