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Weight loss is no easy task!  Our Nutritional System is designed to help you lose the weight and keep it off!

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By subscribing below, you'll receive step-by-step healthy recipes that won't leave you feeling hungry and workout tips to help you achieve your desired health & fitness goals.  We diligently conduct hours of research to provide our members with the latest information breaking into the health & fitness industry and pass it along to you.

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Food & Nutrition

Understanding proper nutrition and its timing is half the battle. 80% of your results fall on diet. By subscribing, you'll receive weekly recipes & tips to help you reach your goals faster!

REM Sleep Patterns

Sleep...  Are you getting enough solid, quality sleep?  Are you reaching all 4 of the necessary sleep cycles in order to to feel rested & adequately recovered?  Sadly, most of us aren't even close to getting the amount of sleep we truly need.  We can help!  Subscribe and start getting the sleep you've be daydreaming about!


We all know we're suppose to exercise, right? But, what about using the proper form when performing specific exercises?  Anyone up for, low impact workouts with fast results?  If my workouts are inconsistent, can I still receive health benefits or results when using a health supplement?  By subscribing, we'll send you FREE tips & workouts to make sure you stay on track!

Hydration & Supplementation

If your exercise routine consists of a brisk morning walk or an intense weight lifting session, hydration & supplementation should be a top priority.  As we age, our bodies slow down the production of amino acids; which aid in our energy, recovery, gut microbiome & mental focus.

L-Y2 is carefully crafted to fill in those necessary gaps!