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  • L-Y2 Day Formula: Contains the optimal amounts of key ingredients including the latest technology in Nitric Oxide production with PeakO2™, as well as highly effective Arginine AKG & Agmatine.  You’ll notice bursts of energy from the Maca Root, Green Tea Extract and the carefully crafted Caffeine Complex Compounds. The isomalutose will help sustain your energy and will help prevent the “crashing effect".  L-Y2 also includes probiotics for gut health, as well as Turmeric & L-Carnitine for fast acting mental focus. Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast, a hard working parent, a warrior fighting chronic conditions (such as Multiple Sclerosis) or all of the above, L-Y2 will get you through your day!

    Thermogenic Fat Burner: This scientifically formulated fat burning blend uses 3 patented ingredients to boost your metabolism to shed unwanted body fat & excess water, improve muscle sculpting definition, sharpen mental focus while increasing energy levels to intensify your workouts. *

    L-Y2 Night Formula: This specialized melatonin & ZMA blend was scientifically developed to aide in deep REM sleep patterns, expedite muscle recovery & sharpen cognitive skills.  We added probiotics (Acidophilus), Bioperine & Citrulline Malate to support stomach health and effectively remove waste/toxins from the body while improving nutrient delivery.  By using a combination of L-Arginine Pyroglutamate, L-Lysine & Colostrum in this formula, L-Y2 goes to work while you’re sleeping to assist in fighting the aging process. Research has shown these three ingredients work together to slow the effects of aging. Now you’ll be able to sleep tight knowing McCall Fitness & L-Y2 Night Formula has your back. Sweet Dreams!  Don’t forget to learn more about our L-Y2 Day Formula & Thermogenic Fat Burner, so you can enjoy having around the clock nutritional benefits to get you through your day! *