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I love this stuff! I feel so much better since I started using L-IQUID YOUTH. I have a lot more energy and have no need for caffeine during the day to keep me going. All day long I feel like I drank a cup of coffee an hour ago. My energy just keeps going and going and I no longer start to slow down and get tired by early evening. My digestion is better and my calorie intake has decreased which has led to me losing weight as well. It is even making my skin look and feel better. The night formula has really helped my mornings because I sleep better and wake up ready to go. Thank you L-IQUID YOUTH! Michelle Pearce, CA

This product is one of those all around complete supplements. It fills in the gaps in your nutrition program by replacing nutrients previously depleted due to a poor diet. You experience the energy slowly building over the course of a few days as your body detoxifies. I will definitely reorder. Clinton Davis, OH

Super quality, super results! I absolutely recommend this. My husband uses the men’s formula and loves it too. And since you just add water he’ll usually make mine up for me while he makes his – love that! So first, I totally lost weight. Yea! But I have to mention the other benefits I saw. I instantly noticed a difference in my energy the day I started using this. I don’t work out a ton but I do jog on the treadmill – the day I started L-iquid Youth I jogged an extra 10 minutes and only stopped because I was bored, and that was at the end of the day. I also noticed increased focus at work. I had made it through a particularly challenging week (my first week back to work after surgery and we were short staffed) and I couldn’t believe how well I handled it all. I was focused, got stuff done quickly, and just able to roll with whatever was thrown at me. Tip – if you don’t usually consume caffeine like me, reduce the daytime portion. Just try different sized scoops one day to the next until it feels right to you – I use half a scoop and it’s perfect for me, I don’t feel any of the caffeine jitters. I’m glad the owners give you a heads up about the initial cleansing effect so I could plan for it. I don’t want to gross anyone out so I’ll try to phrase things right. It went better than I expected.

L-iquid Youth has been instrumental in changing my body, my life, and my mental focus. This system helped me build a better me. It has been the absolute best money that I have ever spent on nutrition. Amazon Customer

If you are a man and you are over 40 and workout this is a must product for you.  Craig Einsohn, CA

Absolutely Fabulous… Aging is not fun, but since I have been taking Liquid Youth I have more energy. Waking-up in the morning I was barely able to crawl out of bed; my arthritis was getting the best of me. This supplement has reduced my inflammation and I am now feeling great in the morning. The stiffness and soreness is gone. I would recommend this supplement to everyone. Well worth it. LOVE LIQUID YOUTH. Amazon Customer

The first two nights I needed the restroom, but after that, everything was regular in the mornings. I think if you already eat pretty clean then it goes smoothly for you because my husband, who eats even better than I do, had no issues with it and a friend of mine, who eats terribly, had a significant cleansing effect for a few days in a row. No shocker there. I drink the daytime while I’m getting ready, rather than pounding it down all at once. We drink our night time about 30 minutes to an hour before we want to go to sleep (we usually sip from our shaker cups while watching tv) – and then we’re out! And we don’t have any grogginess in the morning. Plus, we love the flavors. The owner mentioned in the description that the price is on the higher side – so I compared it to some other products (I couldn’t find anything like this so I did the best I could with what’s out there) and they’re all a total waste of money. They have crap ingredients and/or such small doses that they don’t do anything for you. This product is obviously quality so I actually feel like I’m getting a bargain. Oh, and this is great for older people too. I’m in my 30’s but my parents started taking it too. They noticed even cooler results with different aches and pains going away. So, yeah, I totally recommend this to everyone I know. Amazon Customer

As a group fitness instructor, I had been subbing too many classes in addition to my normal teaching schedule. My body was tired and my legs especially were fried. Plus, 4 am alarms throughout the week were starting to take their toll because I kept waking up throughout the night checking the clock to make sure I hadn’t accidentally overslept.

I’ve tried a number of supplements over the years but never came across anything really impressed me. That all changed when I got my hands on this product! My first time taking the Night Formula, I was wiped and facing a tough strength/cardio 2-hour double the next morning. Amazingly, I slept a solid 8 hours and could have stayed in bed another hour or two if those classes hadn’t been on the calendar. Needless to say, that caught my attention but I still had the brutal double ahead of me. Took the Day Formula, which tastes great, and put down a banana before heading to the club. All I can say is – Wow – I was “en fuego” that morning! Lots of energy but none of the crazy jitters that tend to come if you overdo Monster and Rock Star drinks. The mental acuity was sharp so there was no problem remembering the choreography. One of the really cool benefits is that afterward, I didn’t feel like taking a nap to recharge the body. I just kept on a steady pace throughout the rest of the day!

This product has given a huge boost to both my workout and recovery. In fact, my early morning classes ask me what I’m taking that gives me that kind of energy before the sun comes up. L-iquid Youth is the real deal and I look forward to taking it each and every day! Jeff T


I’ve been on liquid youth for a little over 5 months now, and I can’t believe how it’s still working. I take the morning formula literally after I crawl out of bed. I go to the gym usually 30-45 mins later and I feel like it’s like a shot of adrenalin to the veins! And I take my night formula and before I finish the glass I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open. I sleep all night soundly, finally. I love liquid youth. I’m down 27lbs in 5 months with regular exercise and my diet, not so great. I would recommend at least a month trial, you won’t regret it. I’m hooked! Amazon Customer


Great product for those looking to improve energy for workouts as well as throughout their day. Easy to drink, good flavor and the nighttime dose did wonders for my sleep! I highly recommend this all-in-one natural supplement! angelina


Great product! Now in my 3rd month of the supplements and have a noticeable increase in energy. I’ve also noticed my back injury doesn’t bother me as much, due to increased blood flow. I had some questions about the product, and TJ was especially helpful in explaining the way in which the product works. I highly recommend the Liquid Youth! Amazon Customer


Very happy with L-youth. It has changed my life! I am 44 and busy with my 5 year old son. I have always been a healthy eater with a need to be Actively fit. I was looking for something to help me with the little bit of extra body fat and energy I was desperate for. This product has done that for me. I have lost the 5+ pounds that I was not able to shed, on top of having stronger work outs, and the right kind of energy to get me through the day. I can truly say this because it is the ONLY thing that I have changed in routine. I can only hope that everyone who tries this has the same incredible experience that I have had!! It rocks!! Tanya Kliemann, CA


Better than a cup of coffee! Ok, so I’m a real big coffee person. I love it for both its stimulant properties and cleansing properties. Liquid Youth delivers BOTH of these properties and then some! In addition, it has curbed my appetite, the effects of the caffeine have lasted longer, I don’t have a hard come down, and I get my daily vitamins all in one go. I would definitely recommend the Day formula for busy professionals and people just looking to put a pep in their step. The Nighttime formula definitely helps put me in a deep sleep quickly with no groggy feeling the next day. Overall I truly believe in this product and have been a returning customer! Amazon Customer


I love my Liquid Youth! Perfect alternative for those who struggle to take a hand full of vitamins. Great flavor and the energy is GREAT! Lisa Raper, CA


Amazing stuff! Worth every penny! Haven’t missed a day and feel better than ever! Michael Larue, CA




Amazing Energy! I started using this product about two weeks ago and I feel great so far. It gives me the energy I need in the mornings. I’m a coffee addict and since I started this product I no longer feel the urge or need to drink coffee. I originally bought it because I’m trying to build lean muscle but the boost of energy it gives me throughout the day is amazing. I do feel it’s given me the boost I was lacking in the gym. I will continue to take it for a few more months to see if it delivers the results I’m after in regards to my fitness 🙂 Yenitzia Martinez


I’ve taken many supplements and I was introduced to liquid youth from a family member and was very skeptical on trying it first of all I was extremely happy I am 42 years old and I have extreme bathroom issues that was the first thing that cleared up and not in a violent way like most laxatives do I have now been taking this since November and I am extremely regular and feel amazing the toxins I was carrying around made me feel sluggish and horrible I now notice my energy level is through the roof and my skin has cleared up and I feel amazing … Believe me, this formula will not disappoint you at all ….. mom of two


I absolutely love this product!! After having my son I was lacking that energy and motivation to get up and go to the gym, however, since the very first day of using the women’s daytime supplement, I feel like a new women!! Now when I wake up every morning I mix one scoop with 12oz of water and I’m ready to go, and did I mention I love the flavor too!! This product not only mixes well, but it tastes great too without that bitter aftertaste which I’ve experienced when trying other products. Another bonus is the night time formula which helps aid in sleep and is huge when you’re trying to unwind from a very busy day which is typical for me as a stay at home mommy. And did I mention since I’ve been using this product I’ve lost all of my baby weight too, which is huge for me? Woohoo!! I truly can’t express how much I love this product!! Amazon Customer


EVERYTHING PROMISED AND MORE! Most amazing product. I can’t believe I was actually able to buy a product that does exactly what is promised. I love it. Worth every single penny. So glad that I found this. Now I don’t have to buy all of those expensive supplements because I have it all in one! ♡ noel, CA


This stuff is amazing I could notice more energy, slept better and many more things. I will keep buying and encourage everyone to try. Amazon Customer


I FEEL better. I LOOK better I’ve never taken any sort of supplements before, but Founder T.J. McCall and his lovely wife, Christi McCall, introduced me to their new supplement L-iquid Youth. With some minor adjustments in my diet, some increased exercise a few times a week, and L-iquid Youth I experienced dramatic results in my health and fitness. I FEEL better. I LOOK better. And I SLEEP better. Thank you for L-iquid Youth. Amazon Customer


This product is amazing. I originally purchased it for the evening formula, but knowing that I needed to use both for it to be most effective I did so. The first day I used this I knew it was awesome. I used to drink one to two monsters a day and the first day I stopped them cold turkey. Amazing energy, no jitters, and great awareness. The night formula is awesome, great sleep (I had problems with that) and it was awesome that I could be awakened in the middle of the night to tend to the dog, without being groggy, then go back to sleep once I was done. Amazing product. Matt Kincade, CA


This is the best health supplement program for anyone. Amazon Customer


This stuff is amazing I could notice more energy, slept better and many more things. I will keep buying and encourage everyone to try. Amazon Customer


Great product, great people. I was skeptical to try this product, as I have a high sensitivity to caffeine and the day formula has specialized caffeine in it. I started out slowly with a 1/4 of the recommended dose after talking with TJ, who was very helpful and gave me all the breakdown of the ingredients before I tried it. TJ was very compassionate and understanding as well as helpful. I worked up to the full dose of the day formula and feel great on it. It gives all day energy, no need for coffee or soda for that afternoon slump, which I don’t get any more on the days that I use this product. I love the safe energy it gives. I love the night formula to help me wind down and relax for the evening and get a good night’s sleep. I am just a 48-year-old woman who is trying to lose weight and get in shape after several years of high stress and cortisol and this product helps me get my mojo going. I don’t tire out as easily at the gym as I used to. The name of the product is aptly suited. Karaenos, CA


I am on week 3 of L-iquid youth and I can feel the difference. I have energy throughout the day with zero crash. I used to feel bloated after eating no matter what size meal and I no longer get that feeling. The nighttime formula puts me right to sleep and I don’t wake up until my alarm clock goes off. I would recommend these supplements to anyone looking for something new and different. Amazon Customer


I have a friend that for years had been struggling with her weight and energy level. She just couldn’t seem to shed the extra pounds regardless of how hard she worked out or how healthy her diet was. And this girl is a competitive athlete and lives a very healthy lifestyle, Then I saw her later after not seeing her for about a month and I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. She was ripped, full of energy, her skin looked amazing and she said she felt better than ever, I asked her what her secret was and she told me the only thing she had changed in her normal routine was these new supplements she was taking, L-iquid Youth, I had to have some for myself so I bought some too, I’ve been on the supplements for 3 months now and I’m sleeping like a baby, have more energy than ever, my workouts are strong and my body looks and feels great! My friends have asked what I was taking because they noticed a difference too. Now, most of my friends are taking them and loving them too. Do yourself, do your body, a favor and get yourself some of this stuff. You are going to love it! and your wallet will thank you too because it is much less than buying all of the ingredients separately. Good job to the makers of this product. Its top notch and I’m a loyal customer! Amazon Customer


REAL DEAL! All-IN-ONE SUPPLEMENT Hands down THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE! I fell in love with these supplements, and highly recommend L-iquid Youth to all of my clients, family & friends. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss aid or wanting to recover faster after workouts, this product does it ALL! Not only does it help cleanse your system, and improve your digestive tract, but it provides energy and mental clarity to push you through your workouts – without the need for caffeine or pre-workout supplements! I used to spend SO much money on amino acids, protein, pre-workout, multi-vitamins, glutamine, creatine, and all my recovery supplements UNTIL I found L-iquid Youth! It’s everything I need in 1 scoop(morning and evening formula). Not to mention, it’s easy to travel with and take on the go. I instantly saw results, felt stronger and more focused during my workouts, starting sleeping & recovering better, and received compliments about my healthy glowing skin and hair because it contains biotin & essential vitamins that I was lacking before, even on a strict body-building diet. My body was able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently and speed up my metabolism as an end result!

If you haven’t tried L-iquid Youth, you’re missing out on the best product on the market! Nothing can compare to the way these supplements will make you feel, regardless of your fitness goals! Personal Trainer/Nutritional Coach, CA


This product is absolutely AMAZING! I have been taking L-iquid Youth consistently … This product is absolutely AMAZING!. I have been taking L-iquid Youth consistently for 3 months, and have been feeling the best I have ever felt in years. I am a huge coffee drinker in the morning since I have 2 boys that keep me busy, and since I’ve started taking the daytime formula I don’t need my coffee in the morning. I started getting headaches from drinking coffee, and since I’ve been on this daytime supplement I haven’t had a single headache. It gives me energy, and what I love most is you just put it in a bottle of water and go. That was my main concern because most supplements you have to use a blender or other items to make it taste good, and this actually does not have a bad taste at all. Another benefit of this product is the night time formula. I have never slept so good and felt so rested. I’ve always struggled with getting a good nights sleep, because I’m a full-time working mother, and have 2 boys, so my mind is constantly running and doesn’t shut off when I hit the pillow. This has given me the ability to sleep through the night were in the morning I am well rested, and not grouchy. All and all this has been a very great product, and I highly recommend it to anyone out there that is looking to feel healthier, live healthier, and feel better for themselves. I wanted to wait to write a review until I actually started to see results for myself. I started to feel better about 2 weeks after taking it but thought it was all in my head. I know for a fact now that this has done wonders for my health and my body. Thank you! Amazon Customer


I’m Hooked! I have really enjoyed using this product (in combination with a healthy lifestyle and workout routine). I will be ordering my 3rd round of the Liquid Youth this week. I really like the daytime formula because I feel like it gives me a good boost in energy without the jitters, and I also feel like it gives me a calming sensation while brightening my mood. The night formula definitely helps enhance my sleep, which I really do enjoy. I also have enjoyed getting some feedback from the owner, he is very responsive and gives great advice. This really makes me like the products even more! I looking forward to continuing to use this product. 🙂 clover78


Great product for those looking to improve energy for workouts as well as throughout their day. Easy to drink, good flavor and the nighttime dose did wonders for my sleep! I highly recommend this all-in-one natural supplement! Amazon customer 


Product arrived on Sunday 7/17/16……….the day following placing the order!!!!! amazing!!! Very happy with the product. It is everything McCall Fitness said it would be. Thank you, Georgia Bilyeu, CA