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The McCalls

Why We Do What We Do!


T.J. McCall

TJ McCall In Body Building CompetitionA few years ago, I was involved in a major traffic accident which resulted in 2 years of physical therapy and the loss of my career.  I did 17 years of service in law enforcement and was forced to medically retire after my patrol car took the full impact of a vehicle traveling 70mph.  During my physical therapy, I could see my fitness decline and knew the gravity of my physical limitations.  My doctors wouldn’t release me back to the gym and they were unsure if I’d ever be able to train the way I did prior to my accident.  With the passion I have for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, I would not allow this to happen

After knowing my law enforcement days were hanging by a string, I knew I had to shift gears. I had no idea of what was next for me. What was I going to do for work?  This life-changing event and the fear of the unknown, fueled me to create a company that would step outside of “normal” and into what I’d envision the future of fitness to be.

I became desperate to find ways to battle my injuries and rebuild my body through nutrition and exercise.  I refused to live on pills.  Many days and long nights I’d research health supplement ingredients that could help heal and strengthen my body.  In my research, I knew I had to do something different from the rest. For years I took health supplements and always thought, why buy 10 different supplements that serve 10 different needs?  Why not create an “All-In-One” type Supplement System that can meet those demands and more.  Formulas that are dosed at the proper levels for maximum results, easy to use and affordable!  Then it came to me, I’d create Day & Night Formulas!

Now that I had a concept for the nutritional side of my healing process, it was time to create an ‘in-home’ piece of fitness equipment so I could perform therapy at my own pace.  This ignited the fire in me to create the Core Bench.  I needed the durability of the Core Bench to be “gym quality”, multifunctional and utilize minimal floor space.  As I began going through the patent process to secure my invention, I had the first prototype built. This allowed me to do much of my therapy at home and use methods of exercise that I couldn’t receive the equipment at my physical therapy facility. With the combination of the right supplementation and rehab, I was able to rebuild my body and compete in several competitions. Since that trying time in my life, I’ve gained perspective of what I want for our customers and the direction of our company.  Without you, there’s no us!  We truly entered this industry to help better peoples lives through nutrition and exercise.  Being physically healthy has a huge impact on our mental health.  I learned this firsthand when I was bedridden and in pain.

I believe that I am similar to many of you.  We all have hurdles and setbacks that sometimes prevent us from staying consistent.  We will help you fight by providing tools to build a healthier body, so you can lead a more active and robust lifestyle.  The time for you to get started is right now — right this very minute. No need to wait until next week, next month, or even for next New Year Resolution. We’d be honored to help you on your health & fitness journey to achieve the goals you desire.

Christi McCall

Christi McCall Fitness FounderI grew up in a neighborhood where all the kids played together; street hockey, climbing trees, rollerblading and playing basketball in each other’s driveways. It was awesome! Whatever I ate, was burned off without even realizing it. However, when I stopped playing the weight started to show. I remember at the age of 9 a family member put me on my first diet, 9 YEARS OLD! The vicious weight cycle had just reared its ugly head, and my battle was only beginning.

As I got older, I became more sedentary whether it be my desk job, my traveling sales rep position or bellied up at my favorite wine bar. I was eating at my desk or on the road in my car and found every excuse why I couldn’t make it to the gym. Even a brisk walk around my neighborhood seemed daunting. When I started dating my now husband, I was in the worst physical shape of my life. He looked like a superhero. He had abdominal muscles in places I never knew existed. It was a tad intimidating, to say the least. He was disciplined, I was not. There came a point when I couldn’t believe my excuses any longer. It was time to make a change and be proud of the person I saw staring back at me in the mirror. I began working out, making smarter food choices and took our daily supplements.

I started to feel and see the difference and so could others (Insert confidence boost here). When you’re excited about something, you share it. When you’ve found a product that you love, you tell all your friends and family. These supplements were too incredible to keep within our immediate circle! We knew that the world needed to know about these properly dosed products. This is when we launched McCall Fitness and took our supplements to market! I worked directly with the Bio-Chemists to create our line of supplements and most recently our “ All Natural” formulas. I stand behind these products!

I’ve lost over 30 lbs since the day I took control of my health and my future. I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss by exercising consistently, using food as fuel, not as a crutch and taking our daily supplements. The greatest gift you can give yourself and your family is a healthy YOU! Investing in your health is the smartest investment you’ll ever make. It takes a village to make a lifestyle change and we’d be honored to be a small part of your journey.