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The First Complete 24hr Nutritional System

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Benefits to assist: Brain & Mental Focus Health, Digestive Health, Anti-Aging, Joint & Muscle Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammation, Strengthened Immune System, Removes Excess Water From The Body, Accelerates Fat Burning & Metabolism, Deep REM Sleep

Amazing 3 Product System!


Very happy with L-Y2. It has changed my life! I am 44 and busy with my 5 year old son. I have always been a healthy eater with a need to be Actively fit. I was looking for something to help me with the little bit of extra body fat and energy I was desperate for. This product has done that for me. I have lost the 5+ pounds that I was not able to shed, on top of having stronger work outs, and the right kind of energy to get me through the day. I can truly say this because it is the ONLY thing that I have changed in routine. I can only hope that everyone who tries this has the same incredible experience that I have had!! It rocks!!

Tanya Kliemann, CA

I’ve taken many supplements!  I was introduced to L-Y2 from a family member and was very skeptical about trying it.  First of all, I am extremely impressed with this product.  I’m 42 years old and I have extreme bathroom issues.  The first benefit I noticed, was the fact I became “regular”.  It helped cleanse my system, but not in a violent way like most laxatives do.  I have now been taking this since November and I feel amazing.  The toxins I was carrying around, made me feel sluggish and horrible.  I now notice my energy level is through the roof and my skin has cleared up.  I feel amazing… Believe me, this formula will not disappoint you at all…..

Mom Of Two

I love this stuff!  I feel so much better since I started using L-Y2. I have a lot more energy and have no need for caffeine during the day to keep me going. All day long I feel like I drank a cup of coffee an hour ago. My energy just keeps going and going and I no longer start to slow down and get tired by early evening. My digestion is better and my calorie intake has decreased which has led to me losing weight as well. It is even making my skin look and feel better. The night formula has really helped my mornings because I sleep better and wake up ready to go. Thank you L-Y2! 

Michelle Pearce, CA

This product is one of those all around complete supplements. It fills in the gaps in your nutrition program by replacing nutrients previously depleted due to a poor diet. You experience the energy slowly building over the course of a few days as your body detoxifies. I will definitely reorder.

Clinton Davis, OH

This product is amazing!  I originally purchased it for the evening formula, but knowing that I needed to use both for it to be most effective I did so. The first day I used this I knew it was awesome. I used to drink one to two monsters a day and the first day I stopped them cold turkey. Amazing energy, no jitters, and great awareness. The night formula is awesome, great sleep (I had problems with that) and it was awesome that I could be awakened in the middle of the night to tend to the dog, without being groggy, then go back to sleep once I was done. Amazing product.

Matt Kincade, CA

Absolutely Fabulous… Aging is not fun, but since I have been taking L-Y2 I have more energy. Waking-up in the morning, I was barely able to crawl out of bed.  My arthritis was getting the best of me. This supplement has reduced my inflammation and I am now feeling great in the morning. The stiffness and soreness is gone. I would recommend this supplement to everyone. Well worth it. LOVE L-Y2!

Amazon Customer