About Us

McCall Fitness is striving to raise the bar, and, in fact, we hope to set new standards of excellence with our Multi-Functional Exercise Equipment, Core Bench & our amazing Supplement System Product Line.

We know people have grown tired of throwing their hard-earned money away on mediocre supplements that never provide the results they claim. In our years of research, we discovered that too many supplement products available today tend to cut corners and only use very small amounts of key ingredients in their formulas. This allows them to save money on production costs and increase their already hefty profit margins.

While some of these products may contain excellent ingredients, they most often lack the proper amounts or the most effective combination. Our team at McCall Fitness discovered that some of the major ingredients used in existing health and fitness supplements could be safely and effectively taken in much higher dosages, dosages that would enable our clients to reach their desired results.

The higher dosages of certain key ingredients ensure much faster results and more immediate physical transformations. After exhaustive research, testing, and development, we combined many of these key ingredients to create safe and effective all-in-one customized formulas.

We truly believe in our products and want to provide only the absolute best for our customers.

What we offer isn’t a quick fix, a gimmick, or a promise of overnight success; it is a lifestyle change that will allow you to live a more active, healthy, and fulfilling life. Please take an opportunity to challenge yourself and allow McCall Fitness to give you the tools that you need to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Begin living life to the fullest today! We need to be healthy not only for ourselves but for our loved ones as well. At McCall Fitness we are passionate about making people’s bodies better and their lives healthier and happier. Our promise to you is that we’ll continue our research and continue to develop new ways to enhance your life.


T.J. McCall, Founder & CEO