Questions and Answers

What benefits can I experience in the early stages of use?

A heightened surge of energy, deeper sleep patterns and enhanced mental focus (the feeling of being alert) should be noticed right away.  With continual use, customers should then see changes in their overall health.

What is the best way to take L-Y2?

The ingredient content in L-Y2 is the highest on the market. Therefore we suggest using L-Y2 as a 5 day a week program.This allows the body to perform in its natural state 2 days out of the week and prevents the body from becoming reliant on our formulas.Taking 2 days off out of the week will allow customers the option to use L-Y2 continually, without having to cycle off and possibly lose some of the healthy results they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Does L-Y2 provide Nitric Oxide (NO) production?

The ingredients in our L-Y2 Day Formula, work perfect as a pre-workout.We’re one of only few companies that use “PEAK O2” in our formula.PEAK O2 is a patented ingredient that opens the blood way to transport oxygen & nutrients throughout the body.Dilating the circulatory system also provides increased stamina during workouts & muscle pumps.

Can I lower my dosage if L-Y2 is too intense?

Yes. Taking even a half dose of our Day & Night Formulas provides a higher ingredient level than most products on the market.You’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”.L-Y2 is seriously in a class of its own!Compare our ingredient label to anything out there and be amazed by what we’ve done!

I don’t workout, but I want to better my health. Can L-Y2 benefit me if I don’t workout?

We developed our L-Y2 Supplement System to meet the demands of hardcore fitness enthusiasts, to those only looking to improve their overall health.The ingredients we used to formulate L-Y2, are the “top of the line” & balanced to meet the needs of anyone wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.If you have any heath conditions, always check with your doctor before starting a health supplement program.

Will I get better results if I use both the Day & Night Formulas?

We created an amazing “Supplement System” that works around the clock to provide the body what it needs, when it needs it. The Day & Night Formulas work hand-in-hand to enhance the overall health benefits we all seek.Sure you’ll gain benefits from only using the Day Formula or only using the Night Formula, but the real magic happens when the Day & Night are used together…It’s Science!!!

What if I’m experiencing stomach discomfort?

We suggest consuming L-Y2 on an empty stomach.  If you’re feeling any type of stomach discomfort,we recommend eating a small portion of food with our L-Y2 products.We also suggest, reducing your serving size to a half scoop/serving and working your way into using a full serving.

Do I mix L-Y2 with just water?

With L-Y2 being a fruit flavored powder, we suggest using only water to eliminate having extra sugars in your diet.

Is L-Y2 Day Formula like a pre-workout drink?

This product has so much more to it, than the average pre-workout supplement!L-Y2 provides benefits such as quality sustained energy, Nitric Oxide production, helps improve skin complexion & elasticity, improves nutrient delivery, etc.Compare our ingredient panel to whatever your currently taking and see why you should be making the change to our L-Y2 Day Pre-Workout Formula ( we offer total transparency).

What if the caffeine is too much for me?

With everyone having different sensitivities to caffeinated products, we suggest reducing your serving size of our L-Y2 Day Formula or Thermogenic Fat Burner to a 1/2 scoop/serving, if energy levels become too intense.

Can I take L-Y2 with my prescription medications?

Always consult a physician before taking any health supplement product.

What should I expect from the probiotics & other cleansing ingredients?

L-Y2 works as a mild cleansing system. Through our testing, on average most irregular bowel movements should only last the first 3 to 5 days of beginning our program. Bowel movements should become regular after this point.  If irregularity continues, lower your dose to a 1/2 scoop/serving.

Will I wake up feeling groggy?

Everyone has a different effect when taking sleep-aid ingredients.Through our testing we found an amazing balance of ingredients to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. If our ingredient levels are too intense for you, reduce the serving size to a 1/2 or 3/4 of a scoop/serving.

Can I take L-Y2 if I’m pregnant?

It’s not suggested. Always consult a physician before taking a supplement or medication while pregnant.

Can people under 18 years of age use L-Y2?

To caution on the side of error & stay within the FDA guidelines, we suggest our products only be used by adults 18 years and older.

Do you use fillers in your formulas?

There are no fillers in any of our products!We hold integrity #1 on our list. L-Y2 was created with complete transparency for our customers. The founder, T.J. McCall developed L-Y2 to meet his health & fitness demands. What he accomplished was astonishing and he had to share it with the world!

Is L-Y2 approved by the FDA?

No health/fitness supplements on the market have to be directly approved by the FDA. There are regulations set forth by the FDA that require manufacturing facilities to follow certain guidelines. Our blending facility is certified & passes these inspections with flying colors!